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Toll-free 800 numbers are increasingly hard to find, particularly 800 vanity numbers. In the 1980's the inventory of 800 phone numbers became depleted, hence the introduction of 866, 877 and 888 toll-free exchanges. Today, 800 toll free numbers are called the crown jewels of toll-free. They will be sold out very soon. Reserve one before it is gone!

800 Numbers Raise Your Business to Fortune 500 Level

Look at any of the top Fortune 500 companies and see what they have in common. One of the first things you will find similar is the fact they all have blown the lines of communications with the public wide open. One of the most effective ways of increasing your sales, raising your profits, and gaining the attention your marketing deserves is one of the easiest measures to implement – get a toll free 800 numbers.

Toll Free Makes Sense
800 numbers are being used by most every business that understands the importance of customer services, especially in today's unstable economy. For consumers and all prospective clients, the idea of paying out of their own pockets to make a call to a company is just not a logical one. They will more often then not opt to contact one business over another simple because of the phone number attached to the business. In this day and age, every penny must be accounted for and making calls that cost money can often be considered an unnecessary task. If your business is not offering a risk-free way for consumers to get in touch, it is likely your business is losing precious customer contact, especially in such a competitive marketplace. If you are not getting those calls, guess who is – your competition.

Toll Free Finds National Recognition
If you are operating a company, especially one that is seeking nation-wide attention, incorporating a 800 toll free number within you business is a necessity. You will ultimately isolate your business by only using a localized area number. 800 numbers are universally known to be cost free to the caller. For businesses, the cost to put a toll free 800 line into action is minuscule compared to the return of investment. Every incoming call can be considered potential profit and should be considered as such. When a call comes in and is not answered properly, it can cost a business money. Therefore, it is essential every business institute an 800 number into a business' marketing plan and be sure the customer service for all incoming calls is top-notch.

Make Customer Service a High Priority
Exquisite customer service is a business necessity so adding an 800 number that comes with additional features can really increase the sales potential of your business. Some of these additional features include auto attendant, Follow Me calling, and call forwarding options which help company staff handle calls efficiently each time.

800 Numbers Sticking Around
800 numbers are definitely not a fad and will not be phasing out any time soon like so much of the technologies being introduced today and gone the next. 800 numbers are here to stay and only increasing in popularity. If you want your business, no matter how small, to stay on par with the Fortune 500's, then add an 800 toll free number to your company's to-do list today.